About Us


The mission of Memphis Area Veterans is to empower America's Veterans and their families through service to each other and the community to reduce suicide through comradery and purpose.


Giving veterans who suffer from PTSD, TBI and other wounds of war and their families the opportunity to serve once more in an effort to eliminate suicide.

Board of Directors

President: Jeremy McNary jmcnary@memphisareaveterans.org

Vice President: Kinley Ray IV kray4@memphisareaveterans.org

Chief Admin Director: Ben Kemker bkemker@memphisareaveterans.org

Secretary: Melissa Maher mmaher@memphisareaveterans.org

Director of Veterans Relations: Chris Schafer cschafer@memphisareaveterans.org

Director of Community Relations: Melissa Behles mbehles@memphisareaveterans.org

Sgt at Arms: Mark Laub Jr. mlaubjr@memphisareaveterans.org